Learning Construct 2

Learning Construct 2

Details & Features:

Subject: Construct 2 Game Engine
Medium: Book
Role: Reviewer & Consultant
Target Audience: Intro game developers


Learning Construct 2 is a published work meant to teach about the basics of the game engine Construct 2. It goes over the interface, understanding the syntax of the event sheets, and concepts from random level generation to AI to state machines and global variables. It is broken up into projects which each cover at least one new concept so that by the end of the book readers are able to create 5 custom game archetypes.


The book starts at the very base level. It assumes that some readers will have little to no technical knowledge about 2D game engines going into the book and starts at that level. It goes over creating design documents and supporting documentation while creating your initial game design. When it first dives into Construct 2 it goes over workflow and important tools within the engine to highlight as a high concept of navigating the engine. It covers the event sheet and all the necessary transform and placement options for sprites and scenes and where to find all the metrics that can be modified. From this point readers should feel confident enough to navigate the engine themselves.

The middle chapters of the book make up the core of the content, as in 6 chapters it goes over creating different game archetypes and debugging them. It goes over a progression of skills to learn through games from Flappy Bird clones to platformers to battle tank and space shooter games. These games teach concepts such as constant and global variables, health managers, save data storage, physics editing, enemy AI, and more. The idea of each project is to show readers some tools and then to drop them off at a point where they can finish the project on their own and add their own twists to these archetypal games.

By the end of the book readers should have their own handful of projects created to use as reference. Upon finishing the book the expectation is for them to be able to use these tools and concepts which go over a wide breadth of topics to create their own projects using the Construct 2 game engine.