Details & Features:

Engine: Unity
Game: Loc
Type: Puzzle
Role: QA Tester
Intended Experience: 30+ minutes gameplay
Involvement Time: 8 months


In Loc players are solving puzzles on the surface of a cube, trying to path light from one gate to another. The puzzles start on one side of the cube and eventually span all 6 sides with intense difficulty. Paths are reminiscent of tracks of road, among other types of tiles, and are very geometric and logic-based. These puzzles are guided by the story of a fairy queen who has forced the puzzles on you in order to escape her grasp.


Role & Responsibilities:

I worked on Loc with a very tight group of QA testers in which we all equally tested usability, difficulty curve, gameplay, puzzle length, and puzzle order. As well, I had a very large part in the design work and was able to submit puzzle concepts and lists of puzzle order for review with the core design team. My experience on the team was very intimate with the disciplines.

While testing puzzles we were given them in batches and had the fidelity to tell the design team what order we suggested they be put in for difficulty and ease of access, as well as which levels should be featured as particularly difficult ones or the ones in which a new skill would be taught. This, along with the ability to submit some puzzle concepts of our own, meant that our role as QA was very heavy on design work as well.


While testing the order of levels for difficulty’s sake we would often have competitions to see which level could be completed the fastest or more quickly than others, which informed our decisions to place them where they are in the final build. We also determined from this which levels gave a good progression of time spent in-game to order them so players wouldn’t get bored easily or breeze through levels.

Our QA team had a lot of ability to suggest the way we thought things should feel and dive directly into working in-engine on changes. Our changes were submitted to the same version control software as the team’s and we logged bugs and managed tasks with the team as well.