Spirits of Spring

Details & Features:

Engine: Unity
Game: Spirits of Spring
Type: Adventure, Single Player
Role: QA Tester
Intended Experience: 1+ hour gameplay
Involvement Time: 2 months


Spirits of Spring is an adventure game for iOS tablets. Taking place in the Canadian wilderness players control native Chiwatin as well as his friends Bear and Rabbit. As Chiwatin the player must explore the landscape to find the Spirits of Spring which will help them to overcome environmental hazards and pitfalls. Using the Spirits players will heal the land of the harsh cold brought on by the Crows, mean bullies known to harm the land.


Role & Responsibilities:

On Spirits of Spring I was one of only 3 QA members responsible for tracking and logging bugs and providing usability support for the team. I tested the entirety of the game at an alpha release level and shared and tracked any bugs I encountered during gameplay.

My primary work flow when encountering a bug was to document it in tracking software Jira. I would log the specifics of the bug here and give supporting documentation. This included a picture, requirements for replication, and brief summary as well as giving the ticket to the appropriate division for fixing.


On the project I was able to communicate with the team quite intimately given that the team size was so small and our QA division small as well. I had the pleasure of working with the programming and the art team about info I thought pertinent to fix. Communication was very open with the entire team.