The Pitch Deck

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Game: The Pitch Deck
Type: Card Game
Role: Game Designer
Intended Experience: 30 minutes – 1 hour gameplay
Development Time: 3 months


The Pitch Deck is a social card game based on the concept of creating new products and pitching them to take to market. The game is comprised of three decks that are used to make up the products, which are the basis for the pitches players make. These pitches are told on the spot by each player to everyone in the game and then voted on by all players to find the best one to take to market. The pitches are made up of Product cards, which are the physical object itself, and Property cards, which give a description or attribute to the product. These cards are combined in response to the final card type, the Problems, which are what dictate what sorts of products to pitch. The game keeps going until all problems are solved in the world and so thus there is no need for more products!

In designing The Pitch Deck I wanted to create a social card game that was very true to the inspiration. The idea came from how fun it can be to simply make up products that are in response to either real world problems or incredibly trivial ones. Creating inventions is something that comes naturally to everyone and I wanted to tap into that while also letting people go wild and bring some crazy combinations to the game. The game originally started as pitching independent business ventures, but this bogged down the source of the inspiration and made it very lawless and unfun. The Problem cards roped in the action by giving people tangible issues that they must tackle in their creations, which rooted the hilarity in reality. The game is built from the ground up to be modular and include expansions on related themes, which was a big design goal of mine throughout the process.